Rafael Roa © 19/7/2012 Manifestación contra los recortes en Madrid

Rafael Roa © 7/19/2012 Demonstration in Madrid against government cuts

Today I can not talk about photography, I feel incapable of talking about good photographers as I do every day. Disgust grips me and indignation for all the injustices burn me inside.

Walking at dawn around Madrid, all you find are people that are living dead, Evicted from the homes and left abandoned, left at their own mercy just wondering nowhere. The day begins and queues form outside charity organisations, for food,  not only immigrants form them, but middle class citizens, whom you would never suspect could have to use them.

The state is rotten, from the top office to the last of the politiciansUndangarin imputed escapes to Quatar, and even though this raises a social alarm his passport is not taken from him.

News of cases of corruption are produced at the same rate as a diarrhoea that can not be stopped with any medication, the only solution is to amputate.  Even the wife of the President of the Congress is suspected, Feijo and Barcenas, the Gurtel case, the exploitation of the Social Security, turning it  into  beneficial business operation run by 4 corrupt persons, and these are only 4 examples of what is going on.

The country has come to a complete stand still, unemployment has reached 27% and there is no economical activity.

There have been 300.000 evictions in 2012, different business sectors are falling around us like dominoes, all this is suffocating us the citizens, who do not know how to cope with our expenses, or how to look for the necessary income.  The self employed have become living dead who are constantly swimming against the stream.

They do not represent us, and they do not serve us, because neither the Chief of State, or politicians work for our welfare.

The French had their revolutions because nobility was corrupt, and was tyrannising the population,  Our political leaders are doing the same as those sentenced  by the French people. Their only worry is their own well being and engross their bank accounts in Switzerland.

And to make matters worse the pathetic show of Rajoy appearing before the media from a monitor.  The initiatives of the citizens trying  to modify mortgage laws or the annulations of the “pension for life” policy of politicians have been rejected.

His next step making protesting a crime, and a total censorship, these are his wishes.

Rafael Roa © La esperanza del 15M - 20/5/2011

Rafael Roa © 15M Indignant – 5/20/2011

Rafael Roa © Los Indignados llegan a Madrid23/7/2011

Rafael Roa © Protest walk of the outraged arrives in Madrid

Rafael Roa © Madrid, manifestación contra los recortes 19/7/2011

Rafael Roa © Demonstration in Madrid against government cuts 7/19/2011


Rafael Roa © Manifestación contra los recortes 19/7/2012

Rafael Roa © Demonstration in Madrid against government cuts 7/19/2012

Rafael Roa © Los Indignados llegan a Madrid23/7/2011

Rafael Roa © Protest walk of the outraged arrives in Madrid

Rafael Roa © 2013Cola de un comedor social en Madrid 8/4/2013

Rafael Roa © 2013
Queus for social walfare in Madrid 4/8/2013


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  1. La Peste dice:

    […] La peste, esa colectividad de vagos y corruptos pretenden de los que trabajamos les permitamos sus tropelías y abusos. Este país no tiene solución porque llevamos siglos de prácticas nauseabundas ejercidas y propagadas desde el poder como algo habitual. Así estamos y así nos va, quiénes nos representan son reflejo de las practicas de la mayoría. […]

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